The Carmel Crafts Guild started in 1948 as an organization of craftsmen and women, centered on the Monterey Peninsula. Its purpose: to further the interests of craftsmen; to encourage, develop, and maintain a high standard of craftsmanship; and to stimulate an appreciation of fine workmanship and originality in design among its members and the general public. It was incorporated in 1952.

The Guild has carried out many projects that have contributed to the cultural life of the community. In 1945, Carmel’s Forest Theater was the scene of a widely publicized festival of craftwork and demonstrations by Guild members.

In 1949, the Monterey County Fair invited the Guild to create the Crafts Exhibit which became a major attraction. The Guild actually put up the Fair’s Craft Hall Building, which included wrought iron hinges and latches forged by CCG President Francis Whitaker. The original building has been dismantled.

Over the years the Guild has acted as hosts to the Conference of Northern California Handweavers and this tradition continues.